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It’s 2:10am here. I should be sleeping. I tried to fall asleep. You can tell that worked well, didn’t it? After being blessed with the ability to fall right to sleep when I was tired for most of my adult life, I suffer from bouts of insomnia.

For some reason, this week, this is my third night of not sleeping well. The first night I couldn’t fall asleep, and ended up chatting with an old, dear friend via Facebook and then phone, literally all night. When I woke my kids for school, I was still on the phone. I ended up sleeping for a few hours when they were in school. The chatting didn’t keep me up – I was on my phone messaging with him before we finally ended up talking on the phone around 5 in the morning. If I had been sleepy, I would have fallen asleep and not responded to his messages.

The next night, I wasn’t messaging with anyone, or talking on the phone. I tried to fall asleep and couldn’t. I got up and wrote two blog posts, Pursue Me ( about the guy I’d been talking to the night before, and Memories (, self-explanatory. And then I tried to go to sleep. Didn’t work. I spent most of the night trying to sleep and couldn’t fall asleep until after 6 am, getting up at 7:15. Last night, I actually slept. Tonight, I’m obviously up again.

The worst is, it’s not like I am worried about anything in particular. My mind isn’t racing while I’m not sleeping. It’s drifting off, but I guess my body is failing to comply with my desire to go to sleep.

This is so frustrating because it really impacts my productivity the next day. And I have a lot to do tomorrow in preparation for my vendor event, as well as a freelance project I’m working on, job searches, job applications, phone calls I need to make, etc. You know, the usual.

Thankfully, I don’t experience insomnia all the time. I usually still just fall asleep once I lie down if I’m tired. That’s part of why I usually stay up late – I know that I will fall right asleep when my body is ready to go to sleep.  I’m hoping that will happen shortly after I finish and publish this!

Do you suffer from insomnia? What helps you finally fall asleep? Some nights I think I should get up and clean, but I’m always afraid that will just wake me up even more. What do you think? Would that make me tired enough to go to sleep? What do you do? I’d love to hear from you!

Live, Love, Laugh…it makes it all worthwhile!


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