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Going to Sleep Now

I don’t think insomnia will be a problem tonight. If it is, I’ll be very surprised and will probably go off the deep end. Yea, don’t think that’s going to happen.

Tonight’s blog post will probably be rambling, it’s somewhat of an exercise to see what happens when I try to write coherently when I can barely see straight. I was just messaging with a friend and tried to write vascilate no vascillate no vacillate. And then I got really excited when I got it straight, even with the help of Interesting.

Anyhow, I finally reached the conclusion that I haven’t gone to sleep because I’ve been running all day, all week. Even though we got in late tonight, this is my little bit of MY time today. And tonight, I need MY time. Even though I really need sleep. The good news is that I should sleep really well tonight. And tomorrow is Saturday, no sports, no activities planned, so I can actually sleep late. (We’ll see how well my kids comply, but they are usually pretty good about not waking me up too early. Not that I usually sleep too late.

Ok, I think I reached giddy and passed it. Hope this doesn’t interfere with that great sleep I’m anticipating. I am really looking forward to falling asleep. You know that amazing feeling when you’re just falling asleep, your body is melting into the bed, your mind and body are drifting off and you’re just so relaxed.

Remind me tomorrow to write about what my original topic was going to be – perceptions of self….

On that note, I think I’m going to try to get some sleep before I completely miss my window. Sorry for the ramble and any incoherence that this may contain.

Live, love, laugh…it makes it all worthwhile!


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