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I’m very excited tonight! I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day about the frustration of trying to find freelance jobs online and the time it takes to click, click, click incessantly, to find very little. Now, said good friend is a computer genius. Anyhow, he had been sending me posting links for virtual positions located all over the country. So he decided to do one better – he sent me the link to a program he had written a few years ago. This program enables him to search specified categories in Craigslist in various cities (which he’s programmed) without having to click on all of the cities then the job categories, etc. He can even have it send him a daily email with updates for those cities/job categories.

I opened the program and BAM! Everything was on one page. All I had to do was select the city at the top of the page, and it had all of the writing and editing jobs listed for that city. Then click on another city at the top and search through them. It even had the first two lines of the ad under the header – so I could see at a glance if it was something that might interest me. I quickly messaged him and told him he was a genius and that I loved him – he just expanded my search area exponentially and made it so much faster! Honestly, for some reason, I had never thought of looking in the LA area or Chicago, etc, for jobs on Craigslist, even though it makes perfect sense since I am looking for jobs I can do from my location (East Coast girl here).

I also immediately told him that this was something a lot of people could use, for a number of different search reasons, and that he should market it for public consumption! This led to a few long conversations (including until 4:30am Saturday when his cell phone finally died) and he is now working on setting up the program for a website to sell various options of this service. I think it’s genius – I’m very excited for him and about this project!  And because I gave him the idea to make it available to others, he’s going to call it Margie’s List. Isn’t that sweet? (I’ve known him since high school, so he still calls me Margie.)

Anyhow, check back here for more information – hopefully he’ll have the website up and running soon and I’ll give you all the information you need about it when it’s up! Until then, I’ll go back and use the program he personalized for me and keep searching for jobs. Oh, and of course, I’ll keep writing on here about other topics. Just wanted to give you a quick peek of what’s coming.

Live, laugh, love…it’s what makes it worthwhile!


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